April 10, 2023

Zephyr Technologies, a Mexico-based Electronic component distributor for the EMS and OEM industry, today announced it has signed a distribution partnership agreement with Dapu Telecom to provide its products for the US and Mexico markets.


Dapu Telecom is a leading provider of Quartz and Silicon-based in Dapu, Timing products, and RF Passive devices for the Consumer, Automotive, Telecom, Industrial, Medical, and other Industries. Dapu’s full range of Crystals, Oscillators, Real time clocks, and Timing module devices are based on standard Quartz and MEMS-based technology. Using the company’s patented designs, Dapu engineers have adapted this technology, while leveraging their products to be a smaller size, lower power, and lower cost advantages.


Zephyr has been a supplier of electronic components in Mexico for 25 years, which is estimated to be the largest DTAM market in the Americas. The company has served Automotive, Appliance, Consumer, Industrial, and EMS companies for more than 25 years with sales and technical resources in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Queretaro, Monterrey, Chihuahua, Tijuana, and Phoenix, AZ. Zephyr offers both sourcing of semiconductors and related products and also provides technical resources for design and ease of supply chain.


“The US and Mexico region is a large market which Dapu has been keen to enter and now with the right partnership with Zephyr, we feel optimistic to offer our solutions to a wide variation of companies located in that region. Given Zephyr’s 25 years of experience in the Timing products, we know that we are partnering with the right company to help us achieve our sales goals” said Eric Tan, International Marketing Director for DP Telecom.


Dapu’s strength comes from its tremendous investment in R&D, allowing them to design and develop its own ICs, to be independent of external factors that may become bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. They also have products beyond the scope of timing products which include PLLs, RF Isolators, Clock Buffers, and Ethernet PHYs.


“For the last 3 years, Timing products suppliers have had severe capacity constraints which have led to long lead time and price increases. By partnering with Dapu, Zephyr will be able to leverage Dapu’s vertical manufacturing and advanced engineering in order to reduce lead time and cost to our customers who for too long haven’t been given enough attention and care.”, said Kia Mostaghimi, director of Zephyr Technologies.


About Dapu

DP Telecom is a leading provider of timing and RF product solutions for consumer, telecom, industrial, automotive, and an array of other applications. DP Telecom is located in Dongguang China and further information is available at www.dptel.com.


About Zephyr
Zephyr Technologies is a Mexico-based electronics components distributor serving the automotive, appliance, consumer, industrial, and EMS industries. Zephyr is located in Guadalajara Mexico and further information is available on www.zephyr-t.com


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