Automotive Connectors


Connectors: Board to Board, FPC to FFC
Socket, I/O, Card Edge, etc.



Electrolytics, SuperCaps, and Hybrids

Circuit protection


TCO’s, MOV’s, TFMOV’s, SPD’s.



Connectors: Wire to Board, Board to Board
Wire to Wire, IDC, PCI-E, Antenna type.

Discrete Semiconductors

Leading Mfr of Discrete Semis, such as
Diodes, Rectifiers, Transistors, Mosfets,
Thyristors, Triacs.

Flash Memory


Foundry and Mfr of Nor Flash, Nand Flash, and MCU’s.

IOT Solutions


Hi-Link Power module , Uart Wifi module , IOT solutions



Dot Matrix, TFT and OLED Displays




Embedded Division of Kingston memory
Leader in eMMC and DRAM.




Low-cost PCB Manufacturing focusing
from 2-10 Layer, High precision,
Low lead time.

Power Electronics


Transformers, Inductors, RF Modules, IEC/EMI Connectors,Fiber optic, tranceivers.

Power IC’s


AC to DC, DC to DC, PMIC’s, Hall Sensors, Motor/servo drives



Relays, Power, latching, signal, automotive,

Specialty IC’s


16 and 32 Bit Microcontroller’s, LCD Controllers, Voice Chips

Timing Products


KHz & MHz Crystals, Oscillators & Real-time clocks

Wireless Solutions


Global leading supplier of M2M modules and solution provider