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Our PCB Division represents several world-class PCB Shops, all with different and synergistic values. We evaluate your specific needs and help match your needs to the best solution from one or more of our partners.


Name: Louis Tang
Email: ltang@zephyr-t.com
Title: PCB Specialist
China Phone: +86 18823440213
WhatsApp: +86 18823440213
VoIP USA +(1) 602 388 8579 ext 111
VoIP Mex +(52) 33 3123 0790 ext 250


Q: Isn’t it better to work with a PCB Mfr directly? I can cut out the middle man?
A: Yes, if you purchase millions of $ in PCB and have an internal PCB commodity expert. No, if your demand is small/medium and/or knowledge of the PCB market in China.


Q: Why do you work with so many PCB companies? Why not just one?
A: One PCB Mfr. cannot meet all your needs, you may need low price with high volume products for one project and medium vol high mix for another project or quick service for your sample, at different times you may need different services.


Q: What kind of services do you provide?
A: We provide training in English/Spanish, we show you how to choose the best PCB for your design, including array optimizations, and fast turnaround time on quotes even when China is closed. We make suggestions on how to improve your design for your specific application. Finally, we provide local technical and Quality service on-site as well as local customer service.


Q: How quickly can I get a quote?
A: Within 24hrs you will get your quote for standard material.


Q: How do you know which PCB shop is best for me?
A: From your demand, product type, price level, and things that are important to you.  That is why we work with Many PCB Mfrs and local teams to find the best fit.


Q: Do you sell to me or do I buy directly from the PCB factory?
A: Most of cases we will refer you to deal directly with the Mfr, but if you need door-to-door service, we are more than happy to help.


Q: Besides the PCB, can you help me with other needs?
A: Yes, like layout design, PCBA, logistics, plant audit, etc.


Q: What happens if I have quality problems?
A: We have local Engineers that can come on-site to help resolve the problem and send an external team to do sorting and reworking as needed.


Q: How much % do you take for your service and who pays for it?
A: We do not take any form you, all our service is paid by the supplier at 3-4%, but we are sure we can get the best value of PCB that fits you.