About us

We are a company dedicated to the distribution of electronic components that seeks the total satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Quality Policy

Zephyr is dedicated to the distribution of electronic components, committing to lead with innovation and operational efficiency. Our solutions meet the highest quality standards traditionally required in the electronic industry such as ROHS, REACH and ISO9001. We prioritize reliability and customer satisfaction, with a strong focus on continuous improvement, sustainable practices and commitment to zero defects.


Company dedicated to the distribution of electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies that offers alternatives to advanced technologies, savings and operational efficiencies for our customers.




Improve supply options by becoming a key and versatile supplier for the industry, creating new distribution trends through disruptive ideas.





  • Congruency
  • Professionalism
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Knowledge




Formed in 1998 in Guadalajara as an Mfr’s Rep, Zephyr has now transformed into a unique franchised Electronics Distributor serving the entire country of Mexico. With over 6 offices throughout the entire country, Zephyr offers value, engineering expertise, and excellent service to its customers and partner manufacturers.


Why Zephyr?


Features Zephyr Traditional Distributors
Competing lines No Many
Typical Margins 4-10 % 15-35%
# Of lines per outside salesperson in Mexico 4 40-100
Demand Creation Yes No
Amount of Sales per outside salesperson $100k/month $8-$15M/month
Reports provided POS, Quote Log Activity, Rep Activity, Last Right of Refusal Activity, Marketing Activity POS
Marketing services Free Video technical trainings to promote Mfr’s presence Paid advertising.
Drop shipment Yes with 2 day notice Very challenging
Salesperson commission Yes Capped Bonus only

About the logo


Zephyrus, sometimes known as Zephyr (Zephyros), in Latin Favonius, is the Greek god of the west wind. The softest of winds, Zephyrus is known as the fruitful wind, the messenger of spring.



As a franchised distributor of leading companies in electronic components, Zephyr seeks to cover the requirements of our customers by providing best in class service in design, fulfillment, supply chain, and logistics.



Logo’s Meaning

Wind + Electronics = Zephyr




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